How to benefit from your 360 virtual tour

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What you need to know to increase your business popularity.

What are 360º photos?

360º photos are images that are stitched together to create a panoramic view of the inside and outside view of your business. Paired with the right software we are able to transform these panoramic images into a virtual representation of our surroundings.  Google maps has made tremendous strides in providing us with a virtual experience of our neighborhoods, local businesses within our cities and places we may have only dreamed about traveling abroad. 

Now Google is taking that technology further to increase are ability to see inside the local businesses in our areas with Google Streetview. Google Streetview is a way to enhance your business listing and once acquired, continues to work for you 24/7 without you having to lift a finger. Keep reading to find out more!

360º photo in action

This is an example of what it looks like to view a 360º photo in Google maps. Feel free to scroll around with the mouse or touchscreen to view the virtual representation. 

360º photos benefits


Once your images are uploaded to Google your clients will be able to see your 360º images on any device of their choice.

build trust

Your customers will have more confidence and trust in your services and/or products.

Enhanced Google Search Results

Your 360º virtual tour will be automatically uploaded and seen on Google’s Streetview, Search engine, Google Maps and Google+ Local listings.


Provide more traffic to your website which will increase your overall business exposure.

Competitive Advantage

Customers will be more likely to find your business which means more sales and increase in revenue.

24/7 marketing

Your photos will continue to work for you-just sit back a relax!


Provide your customers with a fully-immersive and interactive web experience.

Increase Sales

With extra exposure comes more customers, need I say more?

where to post your 360º photos

Google Maps

Your 360º photos are immediately recognized on Google’s search engine and easily located.
When people search for your business they will see any photos you or others have posted about your business and will be able to find your virtual tour in the 360º view tab.
Being published on Google also means higher rankings on Google’s search engines.

your website

Post your tour to your website either yourself or through your digital marketing team onto your website. This helps to give potential clients a peek at what you have to offer them and they have access to your website and business 24/7.Your tour continues to work for you even after you’ve gone home for the day.

social media

Greatly increases the likelihood you will reach more potential buyers. Right now Facebook is the most used social media channel that fully supports 360º photos. Another option is to create a screen recording and then post the video to the channels that don’t support 360.

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