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Hi there! My name is Diana and I specialize in business photography. I shoot on location for any business in need of professional, high quality images to suit all their marketing material needs.

  • Why Do I Need This

    Businesses that use professional photography boost their online presence and stand out against the competition.

  • What Is The Process

    The process is simple, read below to find out how you can begin benefiting from better business photography today.

  • How Much Does It Cost

    Check out our photo packages starting at just $350.

Why Choose Diana Klohr Photography

From brochures to business cards to 360º photography, I use my skills in business photography to make your business stand out and look its best. Feel free to take a look around at my work and contact me with any questions or to get started on a photo project for your business today!

Google Street View Trusted

Equipped with tons of knowledge and practice, I became Google Certified in 2015.

Simple Email Delivery

Images are delivered directly to your email for you to download. You can have access quickly all with just a click of a button.

High Quality Images

Using the best professional equipment and post editing software, you can be assured your images will be crisp and of the highest quality.

Licensed And Insured

I am both licensed by the state and insured so I can focus on delivering high quality and service that will ensure the best customer experience.


360° Photography

A marketing tool that works around the clock to boost your business' online presence.  Google Street View Trusted Photographers are certified to ensure high quality and have direct access to the Google Street View App to upload images directly within Google so your business can rank higher when people search for your business online.

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Photo Packages

My packages are custom fit to ensure you have what you need to market your business successfully . These are formulated to include the most popular types of photo combinations including head shots, product shots and business location photos .

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How Professional Photography Can Help Your Business

Artistic Ability

Display your business to the public in a way that is creative and unique to draw your customers in.  Look professional and show off your business culture with photos that tell your business story and what you have to offer.

Multiple Uses

Photos can be used for many types of marketing including but not limited to websites, brochures, email marketing, social media marketing and more. Having a range of different types of photos in your bag will help keep things fresh and allow you to market to many different demographics.

Time And Professionalism

Time is money. Hiring a professional takes the hassel out of worrying about doing your own photography and editing. You can be assured that your photos will be of high quality so you can focus on your business.


What Is The Process Like

  • Determine Your Business Needs

    Make the decision to hire a pro and take your business to the next level.

  • Select A Package

    Decide what types of photos you need to market your business.

  • Scheduling Your Shoot

    Pick a day and time to have your photos taken.

  • Photoshoot Day

    All you have to do is relax and let the pro do all the work.

  • Post Production

    Let the magic happen with editing that ensures not a hair will be out of place.

  • Photo Delivery

    Photos are delivered straight to your email and ready to download within a week.

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